Lighting is one of the departments I supervise. There was an update in schematics… and I didn’t like what they had on the plan, so I went a completely different route.

I created vignettes in the front bays by lowering the shelves with the sample lamps, and putting their respective shades underneath for purchase. (The bases are on the wall bay, in between the fixtures.) The vignettes take from all other departments in the store - Dining Furniture, Living Furniture, Kitchen, Glassware, Framed Art, and Gourmet; the Framed Art helped give the classifications “Cherry” and “Martini”.

For Martini, I set up a serving tray with two martini glasses, two different martini mixes, and a bottle of sparkling water (for the non-alcoholic route).

For Cherry, I set up the lamp (with red shade) on a green stool. Underneath the metal stool, I put a candy jar with a couple bags of Haribo Twin Cherries; to make things interesting, I set up a clip-strip, complete with extra bags of Haribo Twin Cherries, for purchase.

We had a two-day sale for our “Mix & Match Beer 6-Packs”.

I set up a couple towers to house random beer singles. To help cross-merchandise, I also included beverage accessories (wall-mount bottle openers) and English pint glasses.

To help facilitate and push the “Mix & Match”, 6-pack carriers were set up, with more set on the side.